INGEN has a long-term experience in design and construction of wrapping, packaging, and palletizing end of line systems for different kind of products.

We design and realize conveyor belts, elevators and downlevators, diverters and conveyors systems, belts and storage systems, and both anthropomorphic and cartesian palletizers.

We realize also special machines dedicated to insert gadgets, gifts or any kind of 3D product into their main packages.

High speed Diverter

INGEN provides special solutions for end of line packaging solutions, starting from the beginning.

Our new Diverter and Conveyor, represent the state of the art for the need of merging different packaging lines.

INGEN is the best choice if you want a performing and original solution.


iGadge3 is currently the best solution to insert gadgets, cutleries, spoon, dressings, sugar sachets, cards or every other article in the main product package. It represents the perfect additional element for the high-speed packaging lines and automation. Stand out with iGadge3, adding value to your goods and giving the right and prompt answer to the variable market.

In INGEN i dettagli sono importantissimi.

Siamo coscienti che la differenza è nelle piccole cose, in quei particolari che ci distinguono e che rendono unici ed insuperabili i nostri progetti.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

S. Jobs

Shattaf assembling and test

Speed and performance. This semi-automatic machine can assemble and test over 400 shattaf hand shower per hour. It is manly composed of one rotating table with 7 station and vibrating feeders. The machine improves production efficiency and facilitates the assembling process,  fixing the goods quality thanks to the air leak test certainty.

iGadge Junior

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Compact and versatile, iGadge Junior has been designed and manufactured to insert gadgets, cutleries, spoon, dressings, sugar sachets, cards or every other article in the main product package, for example snacks, chips, chocolate, cereals or salads bags.

Our commitment is to meet our Customers’ needs with the best efficient and innovative results.

We provide solutions entirely thought, designed and realized in our company, thanks to our brilliant experts and their professionalism.

La capacità di combinare elevati standard di qualità e precisione con la massima produttività si traduce in un concreto vantaggio competitivo rispetto alla concorrenza. Il nostro impegno quotidiano è quello di priorità ai valori dei nostri Clienti garantendo loro soluzioni affidabili che portino all’ottimizzazione del processo produttivo.

Assembling machine for anchoring systems

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Compact, with a pleasant and functional design, this automatic machine has been realized to get a better assembling process of different anchoring and fastening systems, composed of various parts.

iFlex, hose crimping

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Simple and efficient, iFlex is the right solution to facilitate the assembling and crimping operations, reaching high standard of productivity.