Assembling machine for anchoring system

7 December 2016

This machine can automatically assembly different type of anchoring and fastening systems, composed of three parts.

The different components of the small mechanical metal piece are supplied by a vibrating system. Cartesian robots with brushless engine and recirculating ball-bearing guides place each piece in every station on the rotary table. This high quality solution guarantees stability and rigidity (by the recirculating ball-bearing guides), reliability and silence (thanks to the absence of pneumatic cilinder and venting pipe), simple preparation and high performance (axis position can be simply managed by a software, regulating also speed and acceleration).
After having placed every element on the machine, a specific station tests the right position of the parts with extreme precision (+/- 0.02 mm). If it is correct, the nut will be closed, pressing, tested again and finally unloaded in a chest. If it is not right, it will be rejected automatically.
The machine is efficient and well designed, with easy to reach commands. The electronic and pneumatic control system is in the lower part, protected by two doors.
The machine is provided with PLC, HMI touch screen and an Ethernet interface too.
12081FF is equipped with security protection and it is CE certified.

Main features
Performance 1700 pieces/hour
Feeders restock 30 min – 1 hour
Motorized axis
Motorized press
Right assembly test station