7 December 2015

iFlex is a precise, simple and efficient semi-automatic machine to assemble and crimp at the same time both the ends of an hose.

The worker shall insert the precut hose in two grippers and press a pedal to start the cycle. The right crimping position is guaranteed by a reference point.

The ends of the hose will be blocked and introduced inside the machine through two holes. There, the fittings are inserted on both the extremities at the same time; later, an hydraulic cylinder operates the crimping dies. Once finished, the moulds and the grippers open, unlocking the hose.

Main features
Simultaneous double crimping
Six-pointed cylindrical crimping shape
Die activation by means of hydraulic cylinder
Fittings supply by vibrating feeders
Security protection and anti-noise coatings for vibrating feeders
PLC anh HMI control system

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