iGadge Junior

10 November 2016

Compact and versatile, iGadge Junior has been designed and manufactured to insert gadgets, cutleries, spoon, dressings, sugar sachets, cards or every other article in the main product package, for example snacks, chips, chocolate, cereals or salads bags,...

The machine is composed of an hopper that supplies the gadgets in a bowl of a vibrating feeder. Than the articles are distributed on a rotating table where two small belts with specific shovels (activated by a brushless engine) select one gadget at a time, laying it down in an appropriate hopper. Later each article will be dropped in a pocket of a conveyor belt.

This system guarantees a stable supply of gadgets and at least one article in each main package. Lastly, it will be dropped directly in the vertical form fill and seal machine, after the metal detector.

The machine can be provided in right or left version to be well integrated in each packaging plants.

Precision, easy gadgets loading and low maintenance make iGadge Junior the best solution for every application.

Main features
Efficiency: >97%
Performance: 120 bpm
Hopper restock: 20′
Double gadgets: <0,5%
Absence of gadgets: <3%

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