We love do impossible things.

INGEN’s strength lies in our teamwork. Everyone of us contributes to provide high quality standard services to our Customers. Professionalism, passion for what we do and company values sharing, motivate us to reach our goals everyday.

A cohesive engineering team with a cross experience in several industrial fields, a wide and deep knowhow, a working process which takes both the advantages and flexibility of a small company and the organization of the big enterprises.

This is INGEN, since the beginning

We are expert in Industrial Automation solutions, for almost every application and field. We provide a 100% Made in INGEN service, from technical advice and design to production of special turnkey control systems, machines and plants.


INGEN’s commitment is to reach the excellence in Industrial Automation providing high Italian quality machineries.

We constantly work on training specialization and internal development to aim at perfection: the total control of our main activities let us offer efficient solutions that fulfill high performance.


Cross experience

Innovation means transfer: we are able to provide innovative solutions, taking advantage of our experience achieved throughout 14 years of work in many industrial fields. The result: state-of-the-art special machines, with an exclusive Italian design and production.
This deep cross experience with over 1.000 different jobs, together with our choice to not be specialized in only one specific industrial field represent our first strong point.

Flexibility and method

The flexibility typical of small company, the working procedure of big enterprise. The ability to combine perfection and these two features let us provide special custom products & services to our Customers, with certainty of costs and time respect and high professional results.
This is what make us different and exclusive, providing granted innovative results and a functional service that meets every Customer's need.

100% Made in Ingen

Our main services are wholly designed, developed and fulfilled within our company by INGEN brilliant team.
Mechanical, electric and electronic design, software design (from firmware of microprocessors to web-based management software), manufacturing and assembling process, test, installation, start-up and post-sale assistance: all of these activities are fully provided with INGEN workforce. This is our third strong point.