First of all, the definition of cookies: cookies are small text files (few bytes) exchanged between a website and its browser and used by the web manager to record information to improve the website navigation. The types of cookies used on this website are:


Navigation cookies
These cookies allow the website to function efficiently. After creating your account, they allow you to login and manage your profile and all its areas (session cookies, timestamp). If you are a registered user, the cookies will allow you to be recognized and access the dedicated areas for registered users.

Functional cookies
These cookies allow the website to recognize you every time you access the website. If you have decided to add items to your cart and you do not remove them and you close the session without completing the purchase, these cookies allow you to receive an email with the items in your cart and some special discounts. Furthermore they provide you with better and customized services. For example, they are generated if the users close the popup message or if they have commented a blog or an article or to remind them to vote an article.

Analytical cookies
These cookies are used by Google Analytics and by the research engine of the website to elaborate statistical analyses about the navigation of the website, including the amount of pages visited or the amount of clicks on a page during the navigation, the demographic data ratio (sex, age and interests). They are used to collect information about the way visitors (not only registered users) use the website and therefore allow us to improve its user-friendliness and the navigation.

Social network cookies
These cookies are used to record if you have shared or made something on the website (for example, if you liked an article).

Transactional cookies
These cookies are used through automated systems without human intervention (art.13 2009/136/CE) to directly sell products or services and are meant only for registered users.

Display advertising cookies
For the advertising on our website, we sometimes use independent advertising companies. Such companies might recognize or add a specific cookie on your computer or portable device. These cookies are used to send you the most relevant ads, which best fit your interests. They are furthermore used to limit the frequency to display an ad and as means to measure the efficiency of an advertising campaign. They record the websites you visit and the information is then shared with other companies, like the advertising campaigns. The Google Analytics tools are implemented according to the display advertising (for example, remarketing, reports on Google Display network, integration of the Double Click Campaign Manager or some reports by Google Analytics and third parties about the demographic data and interests of the users). Managing the setting of the ads, visitors may turn off Google Analytics for display ads and customize the ads for the Google Display Network.

Google and third party cookies for marketing/retargeting purposes
These cookies are used by third party suppliers and allow you to see advertising banners on affiliate websites, showing you the latest items you saw on the website. For this type of advertising, we use both our own cookies (like the cookies by Google Analytics) and third party cookies.  The cookies might be turned off: most of the browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are configured to accept the cookies. However, most browsers allow you to check and even turn off the cookies through the browser settings. We remind you that if you turn off the navigation or functional cookies, the website might have problems in functioning and/or limit the services offered by the website.