Air proof test benches

7 July 2015

Airtightness test of single lever faucets

Manual bench to test possible leaks for taps and fittings.The bench is composed of an anodized aluminium structure, with plexiglas protection on three sides. The front side is open so the operator can place the article to test. Electrical connections, pneumatic and mechanical parts stand in the lower part of the bench.
The machine is provided with PLC and HMI panel to set all the test parameters (for example pressure, duration,..). An emergency bottom is placed outside the bench.

The operator has to place the piece in the specific clamp in the working area and start the test.
Two specific hoses shall be screwed in the holes of the faucets, then the operator starts the test. Two pneumatic cylinders moves, pressing two seals against the hole of the hoses. Test parameters shall be set according to the article to be tested (full-scale 6 bar, loss resolution 0,01 mbar). At the end of the test, a lamp signals the test result (green or red light)

The machine can be provided with a small heat printer to print a test report.