6 December 2016

Conveyor belt for Flowpack machine

Easy and efficient: EasyBelt_3 is the solution to synchronize the Filling machine with the Flow-pack machine.
EasyBelt_3 is composed of 3 motorized belts (with mats for food industry). The first one collects the bowls directly from the Filling machine. The second belt, faster than the previous part, separates the bowls. The last belt leans upon the Flow-pack machine and it is divided into 2 smaller sections, thus a hook can guide each bowl in the packaging machine. It is possible to adjust the tilt angle.
The system is equipped with devices to detect the bowls passage and adjustable sides.
EasyBelt_3 is suitable for every industrial applications (vegetables, fruits, snacks,..) where a simple and fast synchronization between the Filling system and the Flow-pack machine is needed.