6 December 2016

Insert gadgets machine

iGadge3 is currently the best solution to insert surprises, gadgets, sugar or salt bags, in any package, for example snacks, chips or salad bags. It represents the perfect additional element for the high-speed packaging lines and automation.
The machine is composed of three main parts: a supply and distribution system with vision system to locate the gadgets on a conveyor belt and a robot for their handling; a channel system and a group of hoppers each with its own belt to separate the articles and synchronize the plant with the packaging machine. iGadge3 is completely automatic and surplus products will be put back into circulation.
The articles are distributed on three channels at the same time, in order to reach the maximum speed. iGadge3 can reach 120 bpm and it guarantees one article per package, reducing at minimum level double insertion.
Usually the machine is placed above the vertical form fill seal machine, near the multi-head scale that measures out the product.
The three channels wherein the surprises are deposited, lead to a separator belt that drop one gadget at a time straight into the forming tube of the vertical form and seal machine, generally after a metal detector.

Silence, speed and precision are guaranteed thanks to special stepper that supply the unloading hoppers and the conveyor belt. In addition, iGadge3 can be provided in right or left version, suitable for any plants.

Our innovative system is protected by National Patent n. 1415668



Handling robot

Vision system

Conveyor belt

Recirculating system

iGadge3 - Technical sheet