Roll marking machine

6 December 2016

Marking and numbering with high precision

This machine is designed for marking or numbering every kind of cylindrical metals with high precision, for example nuts, by means of “roll marking”. This system is suitable for cylinder-shaped objects that can not be marked by laser because of the consequent alterations of the metal.
Two vibratory feeders (one linear and one circular) provide the metal objects spaced out by a separator. A small Pick & Place unloads each piece on a stainless steel guide: on a side, two bearings (held by an hydraulic cylinder that regulates its force) block the object; on the opposite side stands the printing plate for the inscription.
The alternating movement of the printing plate (from left to right and vice versa) allows the rolling of the piece and a precise and clear inscription on it, without any friction.
This machine can mark precisely not only common metal but also objects exposed to hardening treatment.


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Roll marking machine