Test for flexible hoses and shattaf hand showers

6 December 2016

Tensile and hydraulic leak proof test

The machine has been designed to automatically test both flexible hoses and shattaf hand showers. The bench is divided into two working area, depending on the article to be tested.
Test to measure the elongation at break of flexible hoses.

The hose shall be gripped between the specific connections of the machine and then the operator shall start the test. The system can test hoses from 30 cm to 150 cm, adjusting the position of the connection by two external knob.

Applied force: 51 kg
Duration: 5′
Hose length: from 30 to 150 cm

In addition, the machine is equipped with pump and recirculation system for the hose leak proofness test.

Water temperature: 70°
Pressure: 5 bar
Duration: 5′

This machine is suitable to test different kind of shattaf hand showers. It is composed of a clamp tool, water collecting pan, pump and recirculation system.

The manual test is useful to prove if the products works correctly (endurance, open-close lever, flow) at adjustable pressure.

In case of automatic test, the operator places the hand shower in the clamp device, sets the options and starts the test. A pneumatic cylinder proves the endurance of the article (open/close test by pushing the lever for a certain number of time). It is also possible to take an air proof test (hand shower close).

The machine can be provided with a small heat printer to print a report for each tested article.


Tensile and hydraulic leak proof test machine

Right area - shattaf test

Left area - Flexible hose test

Left area - Flexible hose test