New loading system

6 December 2016

Metal rosettes loading system 

Automatic loading system to feed a cutting press machine for metal rosettes.
The worker has to randomly put the rosettes (same type) on a motorized belt.
The belt moves until a video camera focuses the articles, defining its position and rotation. If any rosette is not being identified, it will automatically unloaded in a box when the belt will start to move again.
A robotized arm (polar coordinates) collects one rosette at a time and put it on a specific station of the cutting press.
The grip is pneumatically controlled (Vacuum generators and pneumatic pumpsets) and the vertical movement (to collect and unload the piece) is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder with a very short motion.
Thanks to a stepper motor, the vacuum gripping system can rotate on its axis: in this way the rosette can be perfectly oriented, according to the cutting settings.

Therefore, the robotized arm is equipped with 4 axis:
A) Rotation (motorized)
B) Translation (motorized)
C) High, to grip and unload the piece (pneumatic)
D) Rotation on the handle, for the right rosette orientation (motorized)

The arm unloads the rosette in a specific station of a cutting press.
An additional pneumatic cylinder moves the air blast reject system if necessary, while a lubrication device covers the blade with oil or water.
A sensor detects the rejection of the article.

This machine is provided with PLC and HMI touch screen panel to set every parameters and recipes.