Packaging plant

6 December 2009

Small metal parts and connections

This plant is suitable for packaging any kind of fittings in boxes later palletized automatically. The process starts from the box forming machine that seals the bottom flaps by hot melt or tape. Then the boxes are collected on a conveyor belt, carried in the loading area, filled as required, closed on the top and finally strapped.
Boxes are labeled automatically and palletized on two different stations, so the plant never stops even when one pallet is being moved.
Components are supplied by industrial containers in a dumper through fork lift.
A vibrating channel system guarantees a controlled supply directly in a hopper, while two different channels measure out the components correctly. Once having reached the needed quantity, the hopper unloads the pieces in a box, following shaken for the adjustment of them in it.
The plant guarantees an easy and precise packaging of fittings in every type of boxes.