Pile up system

6 December 2014

Palletizer for breads chests

Automatic solution to load baguettes on a conveyor belt of a bread slicer machine and then pile up empty boxes. The plant is composed of two parts: a Cartesian Robot (3 axis) to load each full chest and its emptying; an hopper, where a belt with sections conveys the baguettes on the bread slicer machine.

The gripper (Z axis) is controlled by pneumatic cylinder, while the rotation of the chest is activated by brushless motor with gearbox. The gripper is provided with specific tenons for the two lateral mortises of the chest. In addition, two pneumatic devices with suckers hold the insulating paper placed on the bottom of each chest during the rotation. When it has been emptied, the chest will be stacked on a pallet on the right side. The change of the position of the empty pallet (from the left side to the right one) can done by the operator or by the robot.

The robot is composed of varnished steel sheet structure, with motorized linear rails and brushless motors for each axis. The plant is protected with perimeter panels and light curtains (load/unload area).

Each part in contact with the product has been realized in AISI type 304 stainless steel and food-safe materials. The plant is controlled by a control desk equipped wit a panel touch screen.