Zinser draw twister revamping

7 December 2016

Electrical revamping of a draw twister plant

Electrical and software revamping of a complete control system for a Draw Twister Zinser 520 for synthetic yarn. 
Our action has consisted in removing and replacing the electrical control cabinet and all the temperature and length control boxes with its relative software.
To do it, we have chosen PLC with Ethernet interface that communicates with every inverter through bus CAN OPEN and with the control boxes through RS485 – Protocol MODBUS.
The power panel protects and supply every heater and contains the four main inverters of the machine.
The control panel includes all the accessories, the power supplies, PLC and the touch screen operator panel.
The control boxes, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the machine, provides the temperature channels needed and the Digitals I/O for connecting yarn sensor to its cutters.
Our intervention has been fundamental to upgrade and totally enhance the efficiency of a machine, compromised by an out of date electronic system and expensive in terms of cost and spare parts.

We have gained deep experience and wide competence in revamping different textile machines for synthetic fibers, like Zinser Draw Twister and Draw Winder.