INGEN designs and manufactures special and custom machines and plants, providing innovative turnkey solutions. We offer the necessary start-up services of every project, providing also technical assistance contracts

We cooperate with our Customers to maximize industrial efficiency, ensuring high performance level and reducing production time and costs.

We provide also individual post-sales service and technical assistance contracts to offer specific warranties for a long-lasting trusted relationship with our Customers.

Commitment and passion.

These are the main values that enhance the growth of our company, motivating us through one real goal: the fully satisfaction of our Customers.

INGEN provides a complete services thanks to our flexible, dynamic and fully competent team.

Everyday we meet Customers’ needs with innovative solutions, independently from what they manufacture or which market they serve.

Our first aim is to get the best production process of each Customer integrating automation devices at different levels, in order to promptly face new market changes and increase competitive force


INGEN is the answer for customers that choose outsourcing for a prompt reply, looking for professionalism, reliability and confidentiality. Thanks to our skilled technical staff and our state of the art equipments, we provide a full design service. An updating R&D activity allows us to meet customers’ needs with innovative solutions.

It is really significant the activity of hardware and software design for the development of custom electronic board, designed by a specific and professional team. The use of special board is the right choice for Companies that need high performance and reduction of mass production costs, protecting also their knowhow.

Custom electronic board engineering

Di particolare rilevanza è l’attività di progettazione hardware e software per lo sviluppo di schede elettroniche custom, sviluppate da un team dedicato altamente competente.

Il ricorso a schede elettroniche custom è la scelta ideale per le aziende che richiedono elevate prestazioni, costi contenuti nella produzione di serie e protezione del proprio knowhow.


We offer a professional service to revamp and integrate every industrial production process, providing innovative and reliable solutions to improve old machines and plants. We provide a renovation service to review and upgrade hardware, software, control logic devices, in addition to the substitution of mechanical and electric components. The purpose is to get a better industrial performance.

Expert advice

In order to increase our customers’ knowledge and give them a full service, INGEN provides technical advice for design support, current regulations and safety rules , from engineering to safety regulations.

We can also organize focused training course for customers who want to enhance their technical skills. The service is suitable not only for OEM or end users, but also for institutions and schools, with specific one-topic course.