High speed diverter

The optimization of end of line

We recently added two new important machines to the classic palletizing systems, packaging machines and transport systems:

  • a Conveyor able to pick up packages coming from three different lines and drive them into one unique exit;
  • an high speed Diverter, able to collect packages coming from two different lines into one unique exit.
Each machine can be equipped with lots of tools and options that make it easily adaptable to every kind of packages and increase its functionality like for example the possibility to add a check weigher control system (dynamic balance) or a multiple channel vision system in order to manage a selection of products, rejecting the non-compliant.


is a custom electronic board designed in INGEN

Modular conveyor system

configurable for 2 or more lines

Conveyor belt

and motorized sideboard with brushless motors
Technical features
2.670 x 900 x 1.950 mm
Nominal production
140 + 140 pcs/min*
Working height
1.000 ± 50 mm
*the real speed depends on the size of the packages

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