End of line

End of line automation

INGEN has always produced end of line systems for packaging and palletizing all kinds of products.

We design and manufacture different kind of conveyors: belts, smooth, clamps or modular for any industrial use. They can be completed with hoppers and load chutes to work in sync with multi-head weighing systems.

In addition we provide special machines such as diverters, conveyors, buffer belts, warehouses and synchronization systems to unify several production lines into a single end of line or to manage step by step the insertion of a secondary article inside a main product package.

We design and provide elevator and lowerator systems, both independent and combined with overhead roller conveyor.

The palletizing plants are realized with anthropomorphic robots or with cartesian systems. The grippers are carefully designed to ensure the best handling of the products.

Conveyor belts

The frame, made of stainless steel can be completed with different materials and colors depending on the need and the sector of reference: for example plastic for material or small packages transport or roller conveyors for the movement of heavy items or pallets.

The structures are modular and can be integrated with accessories such as clamps, pushers to guide and adjust the position of boxes or labellers.

The high possibility of customization makes conveyor belts the best system for material handling inside factories and warehouses.



The structure is composed of two parallels columns able to transport automatically boxes joining 2 lines far from each other.

The plant has been designed to be easily integrated with every end of line system like for example palletizing system.


Speed: 8 boxes/min

Maximum box dimensions:
600 x 600 x 600 mm

Entry and exit height: 700 mm

Modular construction, designed to manage both entry and exit in any direction.

Palletizing system

The system consists of motorized roller conveyors, FANUC palletizing robot (or INGEN cartesian robot), protections, electrical cabinet.

The greatest solution for companies interested in automatize their end of line system.

The electrical cabinet, equipped with color touchscreen is fully made by INGEN.


Barriers with muting

Performance: 15 boxes/min

Maximum height for a full pallet: 2,700 mm

4 axis cartesian or anthropomorphic robot a 4 assi, 3 entry lines, 3 exit lines and 1 pallets entry line

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