We offer highly customized services for the design, construction, start-up and support of automatic turnkey machines and plants, proposing original and dedicated solutions.

We create collaboration and cooperation paths together with our customers, in order to maximize industrial efficiency levels, providing high performances and stripping costs and production times down to minimum.

We also offer technical and after-sales service individual contracts that ensure specific guarantees and create a satisfactory and continuous relationship with our customers.


Technical Advice

INGEN provides technical advice, design and training services on standards and safety rules in order to help enhance our customer’s knowledge and offer a full service. Our strength lies in the cross experiences and the ability to focus and channel skills towards a single purpose.

The offer is completed by dedicated training courses, held by an highly specialized and qualified team. The service is aimed at both OEMs and final manufacturers, and also corporations, schools or institutions, offering specific single-issue courses.



We offer innovative solutions to update, optimize and renew old machines and plants and increase production efficiency; all this through integration processes and professional overhauls of any industrial process.

We provide a service of renovation, replacement and update hardware, remaking of software and control logic, as well as the replacement of any mechanical and electrical parts, with the aim of improving the performance of the plant.



INGEN offers a full hardware and software design service for customers looking for professionalism, reliability and fast response in outsourcing; everything is provided by an expert technical team using state-of-the-art working methods and tools.

Our R&D is always working to provide innovative solutions that fix with customers needs.

Mechanical, electrical, electronic and software design, make INGEN a unique and complete partner for every need.



We offer a full service, thanks to our flexible, dynamic and specialized team able to provide innovative solutions to every specific needs of our customers, regardless of the activity carried out, the material produced, the relevant sector or market.

Our first target is the optimization of the production process of each customer, integrating automation at different levels, so that they can react promptly to new developments and obtain an increase in competitive capacity.

Commitment and passion

These are the values that help our company grow day by day,
keeping everyone concentrated to reach one goal: the whole satisfaction of our customers.