Packaging and palletizing

Packaging line

For a company based in the UK, we have designed and built a packaging plant for their products with an innovative and ecological packaging; it boasts in addition the automatic palletizing system for four independent end of lines.
The plant consists of four free-standing lines able to package up to twelve different products each.

Each line is equipped with a vision system for quality control and waste (if needed), automatic stacker, two trays forming machines, two anthropomorphic robots for product insertion, a wrapping machine, an heat shrinking oven and automatic labelling.

The final package of each line is collected and conveyed through motorized roller conveyors in the warehouse where it is automatically separated and placed according to its order and palletized by two robots.


up to 210 packages/hour

Vision system

for quality control

Motorized axis

24 axis per line
Main features
  • 4 packaging lines
  • 120 mt transports
  • Double palletizing
  • 10 industrial robot working together

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