Crimping flexible shower hoses

I-Flex is an accurate, simple and efficient semi-automatic solution useful to facilitate flexible shower hoses assembly and crimping.
The operator inserts the ends of the pre-cut tube in two grippers, after having added the nuts manually. The correct crimping position is obtained by introducing tubes until a specific level. Through a pedal, the operator can start the automatic assembly and crimping cycle.
The two grippers close and introduce the ends of the hose inside the machine, where the pneumatic insertion of the fittings on both sides of the hoses take place.
Once the parts are assembled, the simultaneous crimping of the two ends will be started by hydraulic cylinder. At the end of the cycle, the dies open and the grippers rise unlocking the clamping and allow the operator to remove the hoses processed.


double crimping


cylindrical crimping

Die driving

by hydraulic cylinder
Technical features
  • Automatic feeding of parts through specific vibrating systems
  • Safety protections and protective covers for vibrating feeders

  • PLC and HMI control system

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